Student falls from the seventh floor of a hospital and causes the death of a medical resident

By June 15, 2017

Isabel Muñoz, studying her second year of specialization in internal medicine, was killed on past Thursday morning after a fourth-semester nursing student fell on her from the seventh floor of the Del Valle Teaching Hospital in Cali, Colombia.

Miss Muñoz was declared dead on the scene despite attempts to save her life. The cause of death was considered to be traumatic brain injury with encephalic exposure, said José Carlos Corrales, director of the hospital.

On the other hand the nursing student who landed on Ms. Muñoz, María Isabel González, suffered multiple injuries but was in stable condition, according to preliminary reports from the hospital.

According to Corrales, Ms Muñoz was in the cafeteria when the incident happened. The incident appears to be a tragic accident. Though the cause of Ms. Muñoz’s fall is still under investigation, initial indications are that she was attempting to commit suicide. If true, Muñoz will be facing charges for involuntary murder when she recovers.


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