Is Maluma dating Australian hip hop artist Iggy Azalea?

By July 7, 2017

Maluma, one of the most popular and well-known Colombian reggaeton performers around the world, was seen with Australian bombshell and rapper Iggy Azalea in Miami by various media outlets. While some in the media speculated that the pair were an item, Iggy, in her first public comments, told the media that they’re just friends. The photos of the pair were posted to social media and shortly after went viral.

Iggy Azalea and Maluma

Are Iggy Azalea and Maluma now a thing? You decide.

Iggy and Maluma first met in Mexico during the MTV MIAW Awards last month. Both artists are performing at the Miami Youth Awards (Primas Juventud) at the Wastco Center and will be part of their main event, along with the Colombian group Piso 21.

Adding fuel to the fire, Iggy introduced Maluma at the beginning of her hit “Switch”, while wearing an outfit that leaves very little to the imagination.

While Maluma has yet to comment, Iggy Azalea said that she has no idea why there is so much commotion. She tried to put rumors to rest, saying that she and Maluma are simply friends. She also dispelled rumors that she was working on a remix version of “Switch” with the Colombian reggaeton sensation.

There is no switch rmx, iam introducing Maluma on stage for his performance. He’s a close friend and I support him in whatever he does,” she writes. “Im worn a little thin with “fans” attacking me all the time then apologizing, I’ve done nothing wrong & I’ll be friends with whom I wish”, the rapper said.

We have to admit, the two do make a fantastic pair.

Watch Iggy Azalea introduce Maluma at the Primas Juventud yesterday evening.

Iggy + Maluma

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