Daniela Ospina breaks her silence regarding her divorce with James Rodríguez

By September 15, 2017

This week Daniela Ospina, the soon to be ex-wife of James Rodriguez, opened up about her divorce with James. In the interview, Ospina talked about her reluctance to move to Germany after James’ transfer and her desire to continue her career as a model and entrepreneur in both Colombia and Spain.

This has obviously been sad, but I thank God that we have been able to handle this in a mature and peaceful way. The only thing we wanted was to protect our child because we knew when we decided to have her that she was going to be our lifelong commitment’, she said.

Independently from how things progressed between us, it is important for us to have a good relationship and to raise our daughter properly. She must not pay for our mistakes. Regardless of the mistakes that we have committed, one has to be grateful. I’ve always said that to James, and he has also said that to me. We are grateful for having found each other, for achieving what we have achieved for working hand by hand”, Ospina added.

Ospina has tried to dwell on the positive after the separation.

There is a God, who sees it all, and in the end we are nobody to judge others, we can only be grateful. We should not focus on negative things. Life has so many positive things to offer, and we should focus on the good ones”, she said.

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