Colombian victim of a brutal acid attack decides against suicide after meeting with Pope Francis

By September 12, 2017

A woman suffering from toxoplasmosis, a severe infection of the brain caused by an acid attack she suffered on 2017, and who has undergone 87 surgeries, said that she met Pope Francis in Bogotá and has now decided against taking her own life. She suffered the acid attack more than 17 years ago, after scorned ex-lover Dagoberto Esuncho threw a vial of acid in her face. The man served only one month in prison for the attack.

I was the first in the line and the first to be greeted by him. He hugged me and I gave him a present. I am happy, I told him I was planning to undergo euthanasia and I told him that I needed help. He replied to me that he wouldn’t suggest that I do that and that I was very brave and beautiful”, she said enthusiastically.

This woman, who uses the name Consuela in Colombia without a surname, still has 6 more surgeries to endure and cannot consume solid food nor breathe without a special insert in her nose. However her short visit with the pope changed her life forever, she said.

This changed me completely. Now I want to live and I need the entire world to know it. Thank God that I experienced this miracle so that I can be present here this day. I planned on practicing euthanasia on September 29. Dr. Gustavo Quiñones was going to provide me with the injection, but I won’t do it anymore”, she said.

The woman said that she still needs thousands of dollars to complete her treatment and asked for help.

I dream of many things: a house, a business, and of everything I might now have because I will not die. To the pope, I gave him my heart and bought him a beautiful present, a nice heart, a documentary and the letter approving my euthanasia, so that he could see all of them when he returns to Rome.”.


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