Pope Francis mentions two local Colombian soccer clubs by name

By September 12, 2017

Some subjects in Colombia are even more sacred than religion. During Pope Francis’s visit to Colombia, after his speech about unification and reconciliation, the pope reached into the world of soccer to cite an example.

Even a final between Atlético Nacional and América de Cali is an excuse for us to be together”, the pope said.

The mention of the two clubs immediately elicited reaction on social media, ranging from humor to fans upset that he did not mention their own favorite teams.

America de Cali, which only recently has risen into the top league of Colombian soccer, uses a devil as a mascot and red as the team’s principal color. It is unlikely, however, that they will meet Atletico Nacional in any championship game. The devils are currently in 16th place out of 20 in the Primera A and are in danger of being relegated at the end of this season.


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