Colombians unsatisfied with candidate choices in the 2018 Presidential Election

By July 22, 2017

Despite more than 15 declared candidates for Colombia’s 2018 Presidential Election, Colombians generally feel unsatisfied with their options.

In an unscientific survey of our readers posted on our Twitter account, we asked readers “For which of the following candidates would you vote if the presidential elections were next week?

The poll, which at the time of writing had more than 3,750 votes, list the three current leaders as options along with the option not to vote in the election.

In the poll, 38% of our readers said that they would not vote if these three candidates were their only options. However Green Alliance candidate Claudia López led among the three candidates with 28%, followed by ex-M19 terrorist and former Bogotá mayor Gustavo Petro with 20% and Uribista Ivan Duque with 14%.

The poll is an encouraging result for Ms. López, who is running in an aggressive anti-corruption platform. Recent polls have shown that government corruption is the most important issue to Colombians in the forthcoming election.

Readers left more than 30 comments while voting. The general consensus among the comments was that voters deserve better options.

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