Petro accuses governor Luis Perez of prohibiting him from presenting at Tecnológico de Antioquia conference

By September 28, 2017

Former M-19 terrorist and ex-mayor of Bogotá, Gustavo Petro, visited the Law School at the University of Medellín last Tuesday morning to give a keynote speech about corruption, justice, politics, and economy. Afterward, he traveled to Antioquia’s Bello municipality to discuss his presidential campaign project, called Colombia Humana, with several other political leaders.

The problems began on Tuesday night, when Petro accused Antioquia governor Luis Perez on Twitter of prohibiting him from entering the campus of the Tecnológico de Antioquia, where he claims that he was scheduled to present.

The governor Luis Pérez has just forbidden me from presenting at a conference at the Tecnológico of Antioquia, also blocking my entrance to the campus”, the former M-19 terrorist and current presidential candidate wrote on Twitter at about 5pm.

An hour and 20 minutes later, at 18:29, Luis Pérez replied.

Dr. @petrogustavo we are honored by your presence in Antioquia. On the contrary. The doors are always open for you to express your ideas”, the governor wrote.

A minute later, at 18:30, he added, “Dr. @petrogustavo you were misinformed. I would appreciate your rectification. Regards”.

Almost three hours following Petro’s accusation, the Tecnológico of Antioquia (@tecdeantioquia) confirmed that they had not received any formal request from Gustavo Petro to give a conference in the institution.

@tecdeantioquia hasn’t also received any formal request from @petrogustavo or from any representative to give a conference at the institution”, they wrote on Twitter.

Petro did not tweet further on the issue, and has been unavailable for comment.

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