Medellín kicks off conscious capitalism initiative

By June 28, 2017

Raj Sisodia, founder of Conscious Capitalism Inc. was invited to a Be! conference, organized by the Ceipa Business School, where he discussed new business models that are holistic at generating all kinds of beneficial effects, as opposed to traditional models, which are more profit-centered.

Sisodia claims that our society is more educated and conscious than ever, as well as more concerned with meaning and purpose. These changes can be explained demographically, as human societies are aging and older people think of their legacy and of a broader impact. Our contemporary societies have also more freedom and allow people to think different.

Many enterprises continue to operate with the sole purpose of profit, and consider the effects on our society and environment to be “side effects”.

These “side effects” are no longer acceptable, as the effects have been more and more profound. Sisodia instead proposed the creation of enterprises that focus in every possible benefit, not only profit but social contribution, environmental, intellectual and spiritual. He told attendees that this thinking is the future, and thus companies must plan accordingly.

The proposal is essentially a middle ground between rampant capitalism and the dire effects of socialism. Enterprises, he said, that are purpose-driven are more efficient and productive.

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