Juan Carlos Pinzón announces as a candidate for President of Colombia

By June 28, 2017

Juan Carlos Pinzón, the Ex-Ministry of Defense and Former Ambassador of Colombia to the United States, both during the term of office of President Juan Manuel Santos, announced his candidacy for the Colombian presidential election in 2018. During the announcement, he demanded a more transparent process regarding the FARC’s surrender of arms and has demonstrated his policy differences with current President Juan Manuel Santos.

Though often considered a protégée of Santos during the negotiation of the agreement with FARC terrorists, his position has always been one of reluctant support for the president. Pinzón criticized the government , claiming: “It is a mistake to celebrate this surrender of arms as if all the weapons were indeed handed over.

Roy Barreras, who also announced his candidacy, has already begun to attack his potential rival. He condemned Pinzón for his lack of loyalty, saying, “Ex-Official Pinzón, you who have served in several positions under President Santos, now declare the celebration of the FARC’s surrender of arms as a mistake?”

Pinzón has announced a tour of the country that will include 100 municipalities. He has not announced which party he will join in his presidential run, but the most likely group would be the Social Party of National Unity. That party holds the largest number of seats in Colombia’s congress.

The difference between Barreras and Pinzón are considered minor, differing only on their position with regard to the FARC agreement. Pinzón has repeatedly criticized it, whereas Barreras was part of the negotiation team in Cuba.

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