Interpol capture 9 Colombians in pedophile raids throught the country

By July 12, 2017

The Interpol offices in Spain and Colombia coordinated a series of raids that were intended to dismantle pedophile networks throughout the world. The raids resulted in 110 arrests in 23 different countries last week, including 9 Colombians from 8 different provinces.

Colombia’s National Police Chief, Jorge Hernando Nieto, claimed that this was a successful example of international cooperation between global enforcement authorities. Colombia’s Judicial Police Chief, Jorge Luis Vargas, added that the persons arrested “were circulating, facilitating and broadcasting material depicting underage sexual abuse through the internet”.

Vargas indicated that the operation took 13 months to conduct, and that the criminals identified their targets principally through social media and WhatsApp. The perpetrators used false identities to trick the minors into sending photos.

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