Dollar discovery demonstrates that the FARC have assets: Attorney General

By June 23, 2017

Colombia’s Attorney General, Néstor Humberto Martínez Neira, confirmed that US $10,000 cash was found among the belongings of a group of demobilized members of the FARC terrorist group as they were inspected at a police checkpoint. The finding raises suspicions that the FARC remain with a war chest of cash that was illegally obtained during their decades of narcotrafficking.

Detainees defended the cash, comically claiming that they were a musical group on their way to perform at the San Pedro Festival in Huila.

Martínez indicated that the dollars were confiscated, but that they could not prosecute these former terrorists without first determining the origin of that cash in question. The restriction is due to recent agreements between FARC terrorists and the Colombian government.

The attorney general added that this event explains three things. First, that the FARC have liquid assets. Second, that the specially designed unit for these cases, the Special Jurisdiction for the Peace (JEP), must start acting more aggressively to find these assets. And finally, that FARC assets must be declared if they are to be legalized.

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