Colombian Reggaeton Singer J. Balvin Goes Pink

By December 17, 2016

As a way to show his displeasure with intolerance and inequality, Colombian reggaeton performer J Balvin decided to change his hair color to pink. The change is intended to inspire the public to chase their dreams, regardless of their look, and to eliminate the stigma that pink has with masculinity.

“Good morning, good morning, good morning!!! In a few words; I prefer to have pink hair and achieve my dreams and inspire others to end a real problem in society”, wrote the singer in his Instagram account.

José Álvaro Osorio Balvin, is 31 years old and recently achieved fame with his hit song Ginza, emphasized that sometimes people forget that those that are not considered “normal” are bullied as children and that those who are different are often the most successful.

The change in style follows the singer’s recent interview with Shangay, an LGBT publication, where he used the opportunity to lament the treatment of women in the reggaeton genre.

“In today’s world, most of the on the Billboard are reggaeton, and I don’t see why they are so focused upon denigrating women. When I was 15 years old, yeah, that drew my attention. But at 31 years old, I see life differently and my songs will never be about that”, he said.

J.Balvin then surprised his followers by saying that he wants to be considered as a homosexual singer in the music genre.

“That would be very positive. There must have been gay reggaeton artists, for sure. If I was gay, I would say it openly and proudly to avoid any kind of questions.”

He ended the interview by again emphasizing gender equality and righting injustice.

“I get excited when people realize their dreams, regardless of their sex, race, etc. There are always people looking to cause problems for you no matter what you say, so that’s my message to people…”


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