Colombian liberals form alliance to win presidency in 2018

By September 18, 2017

The alliance between Colombia’s liberal 2018 presidential candidates Claudia López, Sergio Fajardo, and Jorge Robledo, rumored for weeks, is now official.

On Sunday, the long expected alliance of the presidential candidates united under the name “Coalición Colombia” (Colombian Coalition) at a late morning event in the nation’s capital of Bogotá. The three presidential candidates have not yet announced which from among them will represent the coalition in the country’s 2018 presidential elections.

In an unofficial poll posted on Twitter, BlueRadio Colombia asked followers who among the three liberal candidates will be selected as the presidential candidate. Early results currently favor the former governor of Antioquia, Sergio Fajardo.

At present, there are more than 20 declared candidates for Colombia’s 2018 Presidential Election. However that number is projected to drop as parties move to create alliances that align with their ideologies.

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