Colombian film ‘Wandering Girl’ wins best film award at Black Nights Film Festival

By December 2, 2018

The Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia awarded the Colombian film ‘Wandering Girl’ with its top prize recently. The best film award that was given out this weekend at the music festival’s closing ceremony was accompanied with high praise for Ruben Mendoza’s work.

“The film manages to unveil the inner worlds of four sisters and their relationships while at the same time explore social issues of contemporary Southern American society at large with refreshing honesty, catharsis, and originality,” the jury said of ‘Wandering Girl,’ according to Variety magazine.

The film was set across some 1,500 kilometers of Colombia as the jury added that it excels in “powerfully exploring themes of grief and abandonment through a very moving, intimate, piercing, and delicate sensorial cinematic approach.”

‘Wandering Girl’ is the fourth feature film from Mendoza, who has also directed ‘The Stoplight Society,’ ‘Memories of a Vagabond’ and ‘Dust on the Tongue.’

This year is an especially strong year for Latin American cinema as Alfonso Cuáron’s ‘Roma’ could have a successful ride through awards season as Colombia’s ‘Birds of Passage’ and Peru’s ‘Wiñaypacha’ are just a few others nominated for big upcoming awards.

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