Colombia wins a gold medal in WorldSkills competition

By June 13, 2017

Several times each year, the WorldSkills group holds a skills competition between countries. The competition was created to foster international cooperation and development between industry, government, organizations and institutions and to improve the standards of education and training for technical and technological professionals worldwide.

This year’s competition took place in Shanghai, China from June 5th to 9th, where the Colombian Students from the National Service for Education (SENA) won the gold medal at mechatronics and the silver medal at web design.

This international event drew skills experts from all over the world, including countries such as Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Hungary, Italy, Argentina and Brazil, with a total of 72 participants.

The group from SENA responsible for these victories was composed of six students and five experts, and although in these two fields Colombia was the best, or amongst the best, it also participated in other areas such as design, programming and engineering, from the 36 categories available in this competition.

We feel very proud to be able to represent Colombia at the other side of the world”, said María Andrea Nieto, head of SENA. She also said that those victories were proof that SENA has very prepared people and teaches its students state-of-the-art techniques and abilities, as well as enabling them to grow as excellent human beings.

The next competition in which Colombia is set to participate is the WorldSkills International 2017 competition, which will be held in October of this year in Abu Dhabi. Colombia’s participants have already been chosen, and have been preparing themselves for this next competition.

Juan Carlos Sánchez, head of the Apprentice’s Wellbeing department at SENA expressed that his participants were confident of their capabilities and knowledge, and that they have been preparing tirelessly for 18 months.

See more photos from the competition in Shanghai below!


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