Colombia produced a record amount of cocaine in 2016

By July 14, 2017

In 2015, cocaine production almost reached 650 tons. However, for 2016, production has spiked even more, increasing 34% to as much as 1050 tons of cocaine, according to United Nations numbers. This would mark the first time in the country’s history that production has surpassed 1000 tons.

Of what was produced in 2016, only 378 tons of cocaine were confiscated, according to the National Police. That represents approximately one third of cocaine production.  According to a report in RCN News, the area of coca cultivars now use more than 360,000 acres of land.

The report is unprecedented and alarming, and will likely create even more tension with the United States. Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has refused to use herbicides to destroy coca plantations by spraying herbicides, activity endorsed and suggested by the government of the United States.


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