Álvaro Uribe confirms his participation for the 2018 National Elections

By July 10, 2017

The Ex-President and Senator Álvaro Uribe confirmed this morning that he will lead the list of candidates for the forthcoming Senate elections in 2018, representing the party that he founded, the “Centro Democrático”. He commented that he is looking forward to winning a seat in the Senate, not for personal interests, but to “propel Colombia’s young upcoming leaders”.

The candidates running for president of Colombia from the Centro Democrático party include include, Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Paloma Valencia, Rafael Nieto, Iván Duque and María del Rosario Guerra. However, when Uribe was questioned, he didn’t rule out the possibility of adding more names to this list. He also showed openness for future alliances with other parties, apart from the expected alliance with the Ex-President Andrés Pastrana.

The Centro Democrático party is set to select their leader before the end of August.

Colombia Focus has profiled each of the candidates for the 2018 Colombian Presidential Election.

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