267 vehicles fined by the Ministry of Transportation in Loreto, La Milagrosa and Aranjuez

By June 12, 2017

Operations performed by the Ministry of Transportation of Medellín in Loreto, La Milagrosa and Aranjuez, issued more than 409 infractions and immobilized 267 vehicles in the sectors, according to news magazine Minute30. The officers were accompanied by a mobile toxicology unit, an environmental control unit and the National Police.

In the neighborhoods of Loreto and La Milagrosa alone, 201 infractions were issuedd, and 100 motorcycles and 14 automobiles were immobilized. In addition, 4 intoxicated drivers were detected and cited. In Aranjuez, 8 additional drivers were sanctioned for driving intoxicated with alcohol.

The mayor’s office has focused more in recent months upon delinquent drivers who either do not have proper paperwork or have expired paperwork.

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