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Colombia Focus was founded in 2017 by Malachi and Zachary Ryan in order to provide deep coverage of events in Colombia to consumers worldwide in the English language. As Colombia continues to rise as an international destination for investment and travel, our goal is to provide unbiased news and commentary about politics, technology, sports, and economics in the country.

Our news articles are derived from both on-staff investigative journalists as well as writers who read, digest and summarize news from local news sources. Unfortunately, both English and Spanish language media in Colombia are infamous for providing biased, leftist opinion in what is advertised as independent news. At Colombia Focus, we strive to provide the country’s most dynamic, comprehensive and unbiased perspective of the country.

Malachi Ryan

Born in Monte Grande, Puerto Rico and adopted by parents in the United States, Malachi returned to Puerto Rico in 2003 to attend Herbert Fletcher University, where he received his Masters in Journalism and English Literature. Malachi worked as a journalist at several Spanish-language newspapers before relocating to Medellin, Colombia in 2016 on a permanent basis. He covers news, sports and culture for Colombia Focus and serves as Editor-In-Chief.

Zachary Ryan

Zachary was born in Seattle, Washington where he studied economics and journalism at the University of Washington. After working for several public policy organizations and as an independent journalist, he moved to Medellin and co-founded Colombia Focus with Malachi. Zachary covers news, technology and politics at Colombia Focus.

Zachary would like you to know that his mother reads his articles, so please be polite in your article comments.

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